What’s the deal?

If we were to meet one day, and I hope it will happen, a simple introduction like “Hi, I’m Roland Haller, what can I do for you and your projects?” would probably lead to a bunch of questions. In order to enlighten you a bit, here are some answers to some of these questions about myself, my services, or my professional background, etc. Please, contact me for more details, each collaboration will be catered to your needs and situation.

What are you selling? What are you offering? Conferences, pieces of advice, workshops?

My services can be presented into several levels of depth and expertise. The global axis is improvement, my specialty is international mediation, and I am mainly active in tourism, languages, experiences and sharing economy. Our collaboration can take many forms. I offer my expertise as a creator of experiences and as a Japan specialist with an international background, as well as my ideation capabilities. 

On the consulting front: 
– Trainings
– Conferences
– Workshops
– Project support
– Consulting
– Evaluation of a tourism potential
– Ideation of possible operations
– Internationalization Consulting
– International Mediation
– Establishment of international cooperation
– Facilitation of multicultural communication (English and French speaking countries especially)
– Interpretation

On the interpersonal front:
– Personal coaching
– Self-study methods (Specialized in language)
– Self-improvement
– Emotional Resilience

In what areas/fields are you useful? Who is your public?

Anyone can contact me. But here are a few examples in more specific areas.

Public sector:
– Municipal Councils
– Regional Councils
– Local government

Associative sector:
– Interest Group
– Local communities
– Business owner associations 
– Etc.

Professional sector:
– Companies
– Shops
– Hotels

What format do you offer? 

My services can be contracted for long or shorter periods:

Short formats:
– One on one coaching (1 〜 2h)
– Brainstorming sessions (1h 〜 3h)
– Conferences (〜3h)
– Workshops (3h〜2 days)

Long formats:
– Project support (1 week unit (5x8h) possibly repeated at different frequencies (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Do you offer those services on your own?

I travel and offer these services on my own, especially for conferences. However, I work with the local teams in order to pass on to them the methods, tools, ideas to successfully implement. Moreover, some services can be done remotely, such as : 
– Video-call brainstorming
– Ideation output
– Coaching
– Internationalization consulting