Who’s that?

« Who am I » is a tricky question. Not that I won’t be able to answer it, but depending on your time and level of curiosity, it might take few minutes, few hours, or a lifetime. Here is an attempt to answer, with some information about my background and experiences, what led me to offer my services, and why.

Who are you, where do you come from?

My name is Roland Haller, I was born in 1988. I have both the French and Swiss nationalities. I come from a very eclectic background, I have more than 30 different professional experiences in varied fields including Nursing, Acting, Customer support, Forest work, Interpretation, Marketing and Tourism guide to name a few. I combine this broad array of skills to offer a view of the possibilities that are available to you and to advise on which is the best bet. I assess the value of each potential and guide your efforts toward a fruitful path. 

Why did you to create this structure? What led you to this?

Through my experiences, both as a tourism professional, an international solution advisor and a foreigner in japan with an academic expertise on its culture, I noticed some recurring mistakes and misunderstandings about the needs of the international public in Japan. 

I found that, it is harder to see clearly the resources and potential that awaits to be exploited in Japan.

After three years working with Gaiax ltd. on experience creation and tourism interpretation, my services as an advisor got more and more requested. Answering the growing demand accompanying the Olympics, I created this structure to facilitate our collaboration on Japan international challenges.

Since 2021, I joined the Nomado Project Team in Tsunagaru.co.jp as Creative Director. You can follow my activities in this capacity on my dedicated Twitter.